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Important: BIC-TA 2008 is running a blind review process. In preparing your manuscript, do not include any information which could reveal your identity, or that of your co-authors. The title section of your manuscript should not contain any author names, email addresses, or affiliation status. If you do include any author names on the title page, your submission will be automatically rejected. In the body of your submission, you should eliminate all direct references to your own previous work. That is, avoid phrases such as "this contribution generalizes our results for XYZ". Also, please do not disproportionately cite your own previous work. In other words, make your submission as anonymous as possible. We need your cooperation in our effort to maintain a fair, blind reviewing process - and to consider all submissions equally.

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Please identify all potential committee members and reviewers who should not review this submission, due to having a conflict of interest with you or any of your co-authors. It is crucial that you fill in this section as carefully as possible, and that you do so in consultation with all of your co-authors. For more information on how to determine your conflicts of interest, please see the author guidelines posted at the website for BIC-TA.

Reviewer checklist: Please carefully examine the list of names below, and check-off any of the people who should not review this submission, due to a conflict of interest with one of the authors. (This also includes the names of any co-authors, if they appear below.)

 Test Account     Another Test Account     Chang Wook Ahn     Uwe Aickelin   
 Reda Alhajj     Prof B V Babu     Lam Thu Bui     Thang Bui   
 Junghuei Chen     Ming Chen     Zhihua Chen     Chih-Ming Chen   
 Tsung-Che Chiang     T.C. Chiang     Sung-Soon Choi     Guangzhao Cui   
 Suash Deb     Jin Dong     Jing Dong     Zhou Dongsheng   
 Dan Dumitrescu     Rudolf Freund     Pierluigi Frisco     Matjaz Gams   
 Lin Gao     Wei Gao     Susan George     Marian Gheorghe   
 Eric Gregoire     Steven Gustafson     Masami Hagiya     Hongjie He   
 Yigang He     Tim Hendtlass     Wei-Chiang Hong     Sheng-Ta Hsieh   
 Guoli Ji     Dong Jing     Deb Kalyanmoy     David Kearney   
 Yehoon Kim     Sung-Soo Kim     Zhao Lasheng     Sangwook Lee   
 Qingshun Quinn Li     Haifeng Li     Rui Liu     Wenjian Luo   
 Hammad Majeed     Vittorio Maniezzo     Ronaldo Menezes     Yongli Mi   
 Zbigniew Michalewicz     Martin Middendorf     Hongwei Mo     Chilukuri K. Mohan   
 Hyun Myung     Sangheoun Oh     Linqiang Pan     Gheorghe Paun   
 Andrei Paun     Liu Rui     Kumara Sastry     Sonia Schulenburg   
 Donald Sofge     Xinmin Tao     Sam Thangiah     Lothar Thiele   
 Mauno Vihinen     Dongyun Wang     Anna Wang     Bin Wang   
 Boxiang Xiao     Jin Xu     Lei Ye     Lean Yu   
 Yunong Zhang     Qiang Zhang     Lasheng Zhao     Aimin Zhou   
 Changjun Zhou     Dongsheng Zhou     Jingbo Zhu     Eckart Zitzler   

Additional conflicts: The committee may call on external reviewers to help evaluate your submission. These reviewer names may not appear in the list above. Therefore, we also request that you identify any other conflicts of interest you can think of. Specifically, you should list anybody you know of who works in an area related to BIC-TA, and who has a conflict of interest with either you or one of your co-authors. (You do not need to include your own author names in this list.)

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Please use the list of topics below to characterize your submission. Check all categories that seem appropriate.

General content  
Experimental results
Neural networks
Evolutionary computing and genetic algorithms
DNA and molecular computing
Membrane computing
Biological computing
Swarm intelligence
Autonomy-oriented computing
Cellular and molecular automata
Bioinformatics and cheminformatics
Computational biology and drug design
Systems biology and synthetic biology
Computational genomics and proteomics
Computational neuroscience
Artificial life and artificial immune systems
Signal processing and pattern recognition
Financial engineering and electronic commerce
Data fusion, knowledge discovery and data mining
Natural language processing and expert systems
Computer security and computer vision
Circuit design and signal processing
Biological implementation and molecular implementation
DNA nanotechnology
Web and networks
Multi-objective optimisation

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