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Please identify all potential committee members and reviewers who should not review this submission, due to having a conflict of interest with you or any of your co-authors. It is crucial that you fill in this section as carefully as possible, and that you do so in consultation with all of your co-authors. For more information on how to determine your conflicts of interest, please see the author guidelines posted at the website for JCDL.

Reviewer checklist: Please carefully examine the list of names below, and check-off any of the people who should not review this submission, due to a conflict of interest with one of the authors. (This also includes the names of any co-authors, if they appear below.)

 Marianne Afifi     Maristella Agosti     Robert Allen     Einat Amitay   
 Lecia Barker     Nick Belkin     Frank Bentley     Ann Blandford   
 Johan Bollen     Jose Borbinha     Christine Borgman     George Buchanan   
 Nadia Caidi     Lillian Cassel     James Caverlee     Ching-chih Chen   
 Youngok Choi     Mike Christel     Paul Conway     Matthew Cooper   
 Gregory Crane     Sally Jo Cunningham     Lois Delcambre     Tim DiLauro   
 J. Stephen Downie     Miles Efron     Schubert Foo     Edward Fox   
 Luis Francisco-Revilla     Rachel Frick     Richard Furuta     Patricia Galloway   
 Gary Geisler     Lee Giles     Gene Golovchinsky     Marcos Goncalvez   
 Georgia Harper     Bradley Hemminger     Geneva Henry     Sarah Holsted   
 Jane Hunter     Greg Janee     Min-Yen Kan     Diane Kelly   
 Andruid Kerne     Michael Khoo     Judith Klavans     Traugott Koch   
 Bill Kules     Alberto H. F. Laender     Carl Lagoze     Ron Larsen   
 Ray Larson     Dongwon Lee     John Leggett     Ee-Peng Lim   
 Joan Lippincott     Clifford Lynch     Gary Marchionini     Richard Marciano   
 Cathy Marshall     Byron Marshall     Frank McCown     Jerome McDonough   
 David Mimno     Reagan Moore     Javed Mostafa     Michael Nelson   
 Erich Neuhold     Glen Newton     Andreas Paepcke     Edie Rasmussen   
 Andreas Rauber     Joyce Ray     Mary Lynn Rice-Lively     Robert Sanderson   
 Rudi Schmiede     Frank M. Shipman     Linda Smith     Joan Smith   
 Ingeborg T. Solvberg     Lisa Spiro     Shigeo Sugimoto     Hussein Suleman   
 Tamara Sumner     Hari Sundaram     J. Alfredo Sánchez     Atsuhiro Takasu   
 Helen Tibbo     Herbert Van de Sompel     Simeon Warner     Ryen W. White   
 Barbara Wildemuth     Megan Winget     Ian Witten     Michael Wright   
 Beverly Yang   

Additional conflicts: The committee may call on external reviewers to help evaluate your submission. These reviewer names may not appear in the list above. Therefore, we also request that you identify any other conflicts of interest you can think of. Specifically, you should list anybody you know of who works in an area related to JCDL, and who has a conflict of interest with either you or one of your co-authors. (You do not need to include your own author names in this list.)

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Please use the list of topics below to characterize your submission. Check all categories that seem appropriate.

case studies
collection development
community information systems
computer-supported collaborative learning
computer-supported cooperative work
content management
data access and distribution
data management
document genres
educational issues
educational applications
electronic publishing
evaluation methodologies
field studies
grid computing
human-computer interaction
information retrieval
intellectual property
knowledge organization
library services
multilingual issues
performance evaluation
qualitative studies
quantitative studies
reviewing models and mechanisms
scientific applications
social issues
social networks
system design
usability evaluation
user interface design
user needs
web services

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