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For the second time, this year, due to COVID-19, the conference will be held in a hybrid format, i.e., either in person or via remote access. We will do our best to ensure a rich and informative conference experience for both forms of participation. Each person attending CinC 2021 must register as a participant once, in one of the two formats, even if you will present more than one submission.

GDPR Compliance and Permissions:

The rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require that we explain how we will use your personal data and you must actively opt in to this use.
  1. What we collect: we, the Computing in Cardiology Society, gather your contact information, affiliation, academic position, preferred gender identity, dietary requests, T-shirt size, and citizenship.
  2. How we use these data: all data we collect are necessary for the conference organizers to contact you and accommodate your needs and wishes. We do not sell or make any of these data available to a third party. We maintain your email address for future contact limited to information directly relevant to the CinC society and to our conferences.
  3. Processing of your data Other possible processing of your data include: preparation and performance of the conference, assessing conference participation, protecting these data, and ensuring the interests of public safety.
  4. How to update or remove any of these data: you are all free to access, update, correct, and remove any of the data we gather. Please contact our Data Protection Officer to make any such changes. Note that some information is required for the running of the conference but it may be removed at your request when the conference is complete.
For more details of our data protection policies, please see our web site.

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CinC does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression and encourages participation by all. In order to track the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts and ensure we consider the needs of all our attendees, please consider the following optional question:
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A participant may present up to 4 papers at CinC. Please enter the Submission numbers of any abstracts you will be presenting here.

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Please, FILL this section ONLY if you are registering for IN PERSON attendance.

Travel Visa Information

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Please visit the Visa Information Page to determine if you need a visa to visit Brno and how to acquire one.

Sunday Symposium

The Sunday Symposium for this year is still under construction

Please visit the web page for details.

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Social Event on Monday afternoon

If you will attend IN PERSON, please select your preferred activity, considering that some activities have limited capacity and are first-come-first-served.

Note that whatever activity option you select, all participants are invited to meet for the Gala Dinner in the evening

Please visit the web page for details.

Passivist Activity - Wine-tasting cruise (physical activity +)
Late summer afternoon, boat, Brno reservoir, amazing local wine accompanied by delicious food...what could be better?
Passivist Activity - Guided walk through Brno city center (physical activity +)
Do you not feel like competing, but still want to explore the beautiful places in Brno? Our guided tour through the city center is an option just for you!
Activist Activity - Moravian Karst (physical activity ++)
A beautiful unique natural scenery is waiting for you in Moravian Karst. It is the most famous and best-developed karst area in the Czech Republic.
Activist Activity - Brno Treasure Hunt (physical activity +++)
Brno is full of mysteries and tales and you are going to explore them all by yourself with the help of our Treasure Hunt activity.
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Each conference participant (and registered guest) will receive a T-shirt. Please enter your size here.
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Each registered IN PERSON attendee can register up to three guests who will participate in the Monday Social event and Gala Dinner (fee is USD$160 per guest).
Please note that guests are not authorized to attend scientific sessions, except for the guests of YIA Finalists, who may attend the opening session.
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Discount Codes

Discount codes are sent directly to qualified individuals by email, and cannot be shared.

Important: On the payment page, after you enter the code, you must select "Registration" at the full price. Then, in the following step, the discount will be applied.

If you have a reduced fee registration (RFR) discount code, enter it here. You only need this code if you are NOT a student but have applied for RFR status. If you believe you should have received a RFR discount code, please send email to

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If you have a Board/LOC/YIA Finalist discount code (BYL Code), enter it here. If you believe you should have received a discount code in these categories, and have not, please send email to

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If you have a one-day (OD) discount code (OD Code), enter it here.

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