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Please enter the contact information for the presenting author in the fields below. Required fields are indicated with an *. The presenting author’s name will be bolded and their email address will be included in the Abstract Book publication. Please enter the Institution as it should appear in publication (i.e. omit acronyms, if possible).

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List of Authors

Please enter the complete list of authors for your submission, INCLUDING THE PRESENTING AUTHOR , in the order in which they will appear in the Abstract Book. You can add as many authors as needed. PLEASE ENTER THE DEPARTMENT & INSTITUTION EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT IT TO APPEAR IN THE PUBLICATION (omit acronyms, if possible)

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Titles must be entered in title case (i.e. This is an Example of Title Case.) Titles are limited to 150 characters, including spaces and punctuation and should indicate the content of the abstract. Do not use abbreviations (except for virus names) or all capitals in the title.

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