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In this page, you can register for the SAMOS 2019 conference. The registration process consists of three steps:

  • STEP 1: Fill in your details (contact information, VISA request, accommodation, and conference activities participation), in this page.
  • STEP 2: Choose the appropriate registration fee (author, full, or student fee) and extra items, if necessary (extra pages and additional tickets for social activities), in the next page.
  • STEP 3: Select the appropriate method of payment (bank transfer or Paypal) and perform the payment in the final page. If you select bank transfer, you will receive an email with the bank details to perform the payment. If you select Paypal, you will be redirected to the paypal website, where you will perform the actual payment. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address once the payment is completed. The receipt of your registration will be sent after few days by email.

All registration fees include:

  • access to the on-line conference and special sessions proceedings (SAMOS 2019);
  • attendance to the SAMOS conference and special sessions;
  • access to the coffee breaks;
  • 1 boat trip including lunch on July 8, 2019;
  • bus transportation to Psili-Ammos beach on July 9, 2019;
  • conference banquet (including bus transportation) on July 10, 2019;
  • bus transportation and lunch during the hiking trip on July 11, 2019.
  • one polo-shirt.

Note for authors (Regular Sessions and Special Sessions). Authors are requested to register by May 24, 2019 and pay their fee by May 31, 2019. Each paper included in the proceedings (conference and special sessions) requires one of the authors to register and pay in full the early conference registration fee (450 EUR), even in case he/she is a student. Additional authors, who register to the conference should register according to their status (either full or student fee). Papers cannot be published in the proceedings unless one of the authors has registered and the payment of the registration fee (with the additional page charges, if any) has been received. Please note that, according to Springer LNCS policy, each of the paper accepted for publication in the proceedings has to be presented in the conference by one of the authors, or somebody appointed for them. Please fill in the 'final' title of the paper you are registering for, if any, in the corresponding textbox.

Travel Grant. The conference will award 10 travel grants. If you received a travel grant to attend the conference, you still have to register and pay the appropriate conference registration fee. The travel grants will be assigned in Samos, during the conference, ONLY to the people awarded with the grant. Additional information on the travel grants can be found here. if you did not apply yet for a travel grant, you can can apply up to June 23, 2019.

Please fill in the following information in order to process your registration.


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Some nationalities require a VISA to enter Greece. Please check with your local Greek embassy/consulate whether this applies to you. Additional information can be found here.

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If you require a VISA to enter Greece, please enter the following information in order to prepare the invitation letter.

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Please indicate the name of your accommodation (in Pythagorion) to allow the organizers to schedule the bus service for the social activities. Guests can make use of the bus service provided by the conference at no additional cost. If the name of the accommodation is not available at the time of the registration, this information can be sent by email to: by June 28, 2019.

Important note (for people who attended the SAMOS conference in the past years). This year the conference venue is the Doryssa Seaside Resort in Pythagorion. There is no bus service to/from your accommodation unless your accommodation is in Pythagorion. There will be 2-3 pick up points within the city of Pythagorion to bring the participants to the social activities by bus. The bus schedule and pick up points in Pythagorion will be published on the conference website one week before the conference.
Accommodation (in Pythagorion): 


Please indicate if you will attend the tutorials on July 7, 2019. Tutorials participation is included in the registration fee.

Tutorial on Quantum Computing organized by Carmen G. Almudever (Delft University of Technology, NL)


Tutorial on Memory Systems and Memory-Centric Computing Systems: Challenges and Opportunities organized by Onur Mutlu (ETH Zurich, CH)



Boat Tour (JULY 8, 2019). Please indicate if you will attend the boat tour on July 8, 2019 afternoon. The boat tour (including lunch) is included in the registration fee. Extra tickets for guests can be purchased in the next page.

Will you attend the boat tour?(*)  
Boat Tour Additional Information: 

Psili-Ammos Beach (JULY 9, 2019). Please indicate if you will attend the trip to Psili-Ammos beach on July 9, 2019 afternoon. The trip by bus to Psili-Ammos Beach (excluding lunch) is included in the registration fee. Guests can join at no cost.

Will you attend the trip to Psili-Ammos beach?(*)  
Psili-Ammos Additional Information: 

Banquet (JULY 10, 2019). Please indicate if you will attend the conference banquet on July 10, 2019 evening. The conference banquet is included in the registration fee. Extra tickets for guests can be purchased in the next page.

Will you attend the banquet?(*)  
Banquet Additional Information: 

Hiking (JULY 11, 2019). Please indicate if you will attend the hiking trip on July 11, 2019. The hiking trip (including lunch and bus transportation) is included in the registration fee. Extra tickets for guests can be purchased in the next page.

Will you attend the hiking?(*)  
Hiking Additional Information: 

Additional information on the social activities can be found here.

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