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Sunday Symposium

This year, the Sunday Symposium is co-organized with our clinical collaborators from the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) and the topic will be "Mind the Gap: Cardiologist and Engineer". We have lined up 6 exciting clinical presentations that will be split into 2 main themes: (i) Intervention + Imaging; and (ii) AI driven clinic decision support for cardiology. Within each theme, prominent local clinicians will share their clinical challenges with a focus on translating these challenges into engineering ideas that can be addressed by the broader CinC community.

Please visit the web page for details.

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Social Event

Monday afternoon social program consists of several optional activities. Please select your preferred one considering that these activities have limited capacity and are first-come-first-served.

Note that whatever activity option you select, all participants are invited to meet for the Gala Dinner in the evening

Please visit the web page for details.

Activity 0 - Do your own things in Singapore [unlimited capacity]. Meet friends, explore the city on your own, go shopping, food hunting or work on e-mails - the choice is yours.
Activity 1 - MegaZip Adventure @ Sentosa [FULL] Conquer a 36-obstacle treetop ropes course, a 15m MegaJump free fall simulator and zip down the world famous MegaZip flying fox - that spans 450m, where you fly at 60kph over the jungle and beaches of Sentosa Island. Not for the faint-hearted

Requirements: Min weight - 30kg, Max weight - 120kg, Min Height - 0.9m
Bring running clothes and shoes!
Activity 2 - Gardens by the Bay [unlimited capacity]
Explore the greenery and flora at the two cooled conservatories – the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest @ Gardens by the Bay. A perfect escape from the sweltering heat of the city and to immerse yourself in Singapore as a "City in a Garden"!
Activity 3 - Guided Tour @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves [FULL]
Discover the beauty and wonders of nature at Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park. Uncover a world filled with rich biodiversity as you wander through the wetlands and get up close to the animals and plants of the Mangrove ecosystem! Chance to see animals such as mudskippers, monitor lizards, tree climbing crabs, kingfishers, crocodiles and many more mangrove inhabitants!
Activity 4 - National Heritage Board Monumental Walking Tours [FULL]
Explore the rich historical and cultural heritage of Singapore through a guided tour of the various national monuments around the civil district.
Discover stories of the two banks of the Singapore River; Go on a trail of religious monuments along Telok Ayer Street to experience the bustling street life, diversity and harmony of architectural styles and religions that continue to exist even today.
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For participants who registered after 10th August 2019, there is a possibility that you might not get the T-shirt size that you have specified as we need some time for printing!
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Complimentary transportation from the gala dinner venue back to the 3 designated conference hotels will be provided.
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Each registered attendee can register up to three guests who will participate in the Monday Social event and Gala Dinner (fee is USD$160 each).
Please note that guests are not authorized to attend scientific sessions, except for the guests of YIA Finalists, who may attend the opening session.
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Tuesday evening Tech Showcase

Join us for on Tuesday evening for a networking session between the local/overseas Medtech startups and Venture Capitalists!

We will be inviting experts from the world of business with an emphasis on starting up companies that are based on biomedical technology. Come and listen to our key-note speaker, experience business pitches, and learn from the panel discussion, all aimed to gain experience about creating a small company.
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