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Each person who will attend CinC 2018 must register as a participant one time, even if you will present more than one submission. The cost of attending the conference is the same regardless of whether you are presenting or not.


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A participant may present up to 4 papers at CinC. Please enter the Submission numbers of any abstracts you will be presenting here.

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Sunday Symposium

This year, the Sunday symposium does not consist of a number of obligatory lectures, but is instead dedicated to the hands-on introduction of a collection of cardiac computer simulation software packages.

Please visit the web page for details.

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Social Event

Monday afternoon social program consists of several activities. Please select your preferred one considering that these activities have limited capacity and are first-come-first-served.

Activity 0 - Do your own things in Maastricht [unlimited capacity]. Meet friends, explore the city on your own, go shopping or work on e-mails - the choice is yours.
Activity 1 - The Tasting Promenade (Proef Promenade) [max. 95 participants] SOLD OUT City walk with a guide who not only knows the highlights of the historical city, but also the local food. On the way, you will make four short stops to taste some local specialties. SOLD OUT
Activity 2 - The ‘Raise your Glass’ route [max. 95 participants] SOLD OUT City walk with a guide who not only knows the highlights of the historical city, but also the local drinks. On the way, you will make two short stops to taste some local specialties: a typical Maastricht liqueur, and regional specialty beer. SOLD OUT
Activity 3 - Thirsty in Maastricht [max. 55 participants] SOLD OUT Guided walk addressing the thirst for water from the Middle Ages until now, ending with a tour of at the De Keyzer beer brewery and a taste of a local specialty beer. SOLD OUT
Activity 4 - Tour in the Fort Sint Pieter and Caves Noord [max. 95 participants] SOLD OUT Tour of the largely intact fort from around 1700 with a beautiful view of the city, the Meuse and the surrounding countryside, as well as the Northern Corridor System of the Caves St. Pietersberg. The temperature in the corridors is a constant ten degrees Celsius. A vest, sweater or jacket and robust footwear are advised.SOLD OUT
Activity 5 - St. Pietersberg Grottoes - Zonneberg System [max. 95 participants] Guided tour in the Zonneberg Corridor System of the St. Pietersberg Grottoes.Even today the walls and ceilings give information about the way in which the 'block breakers' worked. On the walls can be found numerous interesting inscriptions and drawings, some of which are very old. Not suitable for disabled persons. The temperature in the corridors is a constant ten degrees Celsius. A vest, sweater or jacket and robust footwear are advised.
Activity 6 - Kickbike Tour through Zonneberg Caves [max. 45 participants] SOLD OUT Guided tour of the caves using a kick scooter for (super) activists, seeing places which the standard tours never reach.SOLD OUT
Activity 7 - City run [max. 24 participants] SOLD OUT Experience the city while running through this guided tour of about 1,5 hours (± 6 kms), which takes you along the most important and interesting sites in Maastricht. Bring running clothes and shoes! SOLD OUT
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A t-shirt / rain coat will be provided for you and each guest. Please enter your size here. (Guests sizes are entered below)
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Each registered attendee can register up to three guests who will participate in the Monday Social event and Gala Dinner (fee is $160 each).
Please note that guests are not authorized to attend scientific sessions, except for the guests of YIA Finalists, who may attend the opening session.
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Tuesday evening reception at the Maastricht Town Hall

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