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SEAMUS 2017 National Conference Registration Form


All conference registrations must be completed online, using PayPal for payment.

Until March 20, SEAMUS members and students receive an early registration discount:
Professional Member Presenter/Attendee ($150)
Student Member Presenter/Attendee ($80)
Non-SEAMUS Member Non-student Presenter/Attendee ($180)
Performer* ($0)

After March 20, registration fees are:
Professional Presenter/Attendee ($180)
Student Presenter/Attendee ($100)
Performer* ($0)

*Only performers who are not also presenting their own compositions may register under the "performer" option, otherwise they need to register under one of the aforesaid categories.

Fees are not refundable.

To revise a previous registration, please type your personal passcode here, and press the ENTER button.    

If you lost the personal passcode for a previous registration, please click HERE.

Type of registration

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Will you attend the banquet ($60)? (Deadline: March 20)
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How many tickets to the banquet will you need? (If you are purchasing for only yourself, please put "1".)
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Contact information

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