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European IA Summit 2017

EuroIA 2017

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The EuroIA summit is Europe’s leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference. It is a unique event that brings together experts from diverse fields practising IA and newcomers. It showcases best practices and hands-on results, along with the methods used to get there.

You can use this form to submit a proposal for a session at the 2017 EuroIA summit.
All submissions must be completed by February 19, 2017, 23:59:59 CET.

Note: The conference is running a double-blind review process. In preparing your submission, do not include any information which could reveal your identity, or that of your co-authors in the following submission parts:

We need your cooperation in our effort to maintain a fair, double-blind reviewing process and consider all submissions equally. We will make sure that your submission will not be reviewed by friends or colleagues of yours due to conflict of interest.

To revise a previous submission, please type the submission passcode below, and press the ENTER button.


If you lost the passcode for your submission, please click HERE.

Submission details

Title: (*)   
Type: (*)
Please select a submission type.
Note: if you are submitting a talk, the committee will take into account your preference for the length of the talk, but might need to change this, when setting up the programme.
If you are submitting a training session, you should also select its type from the second drop-down menu.
Type of submission (*):  
Type of training session:  

Abstract: (*)

Please provide an abstract, a short summary (max. 300 words) for your submission. The abstract will be used in the review process but also for the printed and online programme.
Note: The abstract should not include the title or author(s) (which are filled in elsewhere in this form).


How is your submission relevant to the theme (Adaptation and designing for change)? (*)

Relevance to theme 

How is your submission relevant to Information Architecture? (*)

Relevance to IA 

For training session submission only

Please fill in a detailed overview of the content covered in your workshop or tutorial session, including an outline of the activities you plan to conduct, and how participants will be enagaged.
It is intended only for the review and curation team to properly assess the training session submission. It will not be published on the website, should your submission be accepted.

Training details 

Submission attachments

Please upload the following documents as separate files:
Note: a file's name should have the proper MIME extent associated with its document type. For example, a pdf file should have a name such as "mypaper.pdf".

  • Biography (mandatory): provide a brief bio text of yourself and the co-authors (max. 100 words per author). The bio text will be used for the printed and online programme.
    Note: do not include an author name in the file name of the biography document. Just label it “bio”.
  • Twitter-ready bio: A 140-character description of your session for our social media team. Please remember to include your Twitter handle and the #euroia2017 hashtag.
    Note: do not include an author name in the file name of the Twitter bio document. Just label it “Twitter bio”.
  • Biography of author(s) (required):  
    Twitter-ready bio:  
  • Additional resources: You can include in this file links to previous talks you gave, such as videos or slides with notes.
    Note: do not include an author name in the file name of the resources document. Just label it “Resources”.

    Authors and contact details


    List of Authors: (*)

    Please enter the complete list of authors for your submission, in the order in which you want them to appear with the abstract on the website, should your submission be accepted. You can add as many author slots as you want, to accommodate the total number of authors for your submission.

    First name(s) Last name Email Affiliation

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    Contact Information:

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