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The 2007 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining

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Please identify all potential committee members and reviewers who should not review this submission, due to having a conflict of interest with you or any of your co-authors. It is crucial that you fill in this section as carefully as possible, and that you do so in consultation with all of your co-authors. For more information on how to determine your conflicts of interest, please see the author guidelines posted at the website for SDM.

Please carefully examine the list of names below, and check-off any of the people who should not review this submission, due to a conflict of interest with one of the authors. (This also includes the names of any co-authors, if they appear below.)

 Naoki Abe     Gagan Agarwal     Charu Aggarwal     Chris Bailey-Kellogg   
 Arindam Banerjee     Michael Berry     Michael Berthold     Jinbo Bi   
 Jean-Francois Boulicaut     Amy Braverman     Philip Chan     Kevin Chang   
 Sanjay Chawla     Nitesh Chawla     Ming-Syan Chen     Corinna Cortes   
 Gautam Das     Ian Davidson     Luc De Raedt     Inderjit S. Dhillon   
 Chris Ding     Alin Dobra     Byron Dom     Guozhu Dong   
 Martin Ester     Wei Fan     Peter A. Flach     Johannes Fürnkranz   
 Minos Garofalakis     Johannes Gehrke     Lise Getoor     Rayid Ghani   
 Joydeep Ghosh     C. Lee Giles     Aristides Gionis     Bart Goethals   
 Ananth Grama     Dimitris Gunopulos     Jiawei Han     David Hand   
 Thomas Hofmann     Wynne Hsu     Christopher Jermaine     Ruoming Jin   
 Hillol Kargupta     George Karypis     Eamon Keogh     Mei Kobayashi   
 Raghu Krishnapuram     Ravi Kumar     Vipin Kumar     Wai Lam   
 Hang Li     Tao Li     Xiaoli Li     Ee Peng Lim   
 Xiwu Lin     Bing Liu     Huan Liu     Stefano Lonardi   
 Chang-Tien Lu     Sheng Ma     Raghu Machiraju     Marco Maggini   
 Heikki Mannila     Dragos Margineantu     Micheal May     Sameep Mehta   
 Wagner Meira     Rosa Meo     Pabitra Mitra     Katharina Morik   
 Shinichi Morishita     S. Muthu Muthukrishnan     Olfa Nasraoui     Jennifer Neville   
 Zaiqing Nie     Zoran Obradovic     Mitsunori Ogihara     Salvatore Orlando   
 Matthew Otey     Balaji Padmanabhan     Byung-Hoon Park     Haesun Park   
 Ronald Pearson     Jian Pei     Naren Ramakrishnan     Raghu Ramakrishnan   
 Bharat Rao     Rajeev Rastogi     Joern Schneidewind     Arno Siebes   
 Myra Spiliopoulou     Parthasarathy Srinivasan     Parthasarathy Srinivasan     Ashok Srivastava   
 Jaideep Srivastava     Einoshin Suzuki     Domenico Talia     Pang-Ning Tan   
 Hannu Toivonen     Andrew Tomkins     Shusaku Tsumoto     Anthony Tung   
 Haixun Wang     Wei Wang     Geoff Webb     Ji-Rong Wen   
 Xindong Wu     Eric Xing     Hui Xiong     Xifeng Yan   
 Hui Yang     Jieping Ye     Jeffrey Xu Yu     Philip Yu   
 Clement Yu     Hwanjo Yu     Mohammed Zaki     Zijian Zheng   

Submission Categories:

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If your paper is ready now, you can optionally include it with the abstract submission, via this form. (If your paper is not yet ready, then please ignore this section.) Note that you will be able to revise your submission until the full paper deadline expires.

Papers must be formatted in PDF, using the guidelines outlined on the conference home page. Make sure the file's name has the proper MIME extent associated with PDF documents, e.g., it could have a name such as "mypaper.pdf". The file can also be compressed in any standard format, with its appropriate MIME extent (eg., pdf.gz for gzipped pdf, etc.).

Find the file containing your submission:  


Please use the list of topics below to characterize your submission. Check all categories that seem appropriate.

Abnormality and Outlier Detection
Data Cleaning and Noise Reduction
Feature Selection
Incremental Data Mining
Interactive Data Mining
Mining Time Series
Missing Value Analysis
Mining Semi-structured Data
Mining Graphs and Complex Data
Mining on Emerging Architectures
Mining with Constraints
Learning Theory
Information Retrieval
Astronomy & Astrophysics
High Energy Physics
Collaborative Filtering
Earth Science
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management
Customer Relationship Management
Genomics and Bioinformatics
Drug Discovery
Healthcare Management
Automation & Process Control
Logistics Management
Intrusion and Fraud detection
Intelligence Analysis
Sensor Network Applications
Social Network Analysis
Scientific Data Mining
Ethics of Data Mining
Intellectual Ownership
Privacy Models
Privacy Preservation Techniques
Risk Analysis
User Interfaces
Interestingness and Relevance
Data and Information Visualization
New Applications or Use Cases

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