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As you can see from the following URL:

there are two ways for using START: hosted on the softconf webservers and
locally installed on the user machines.

If you are going to act as a "user" of START V2, you will be able to use
START from your MAC, because it will be basically a normal web application
(in any case we suggest the usage of Firefox and not Safari due to a
longstanding Safari Bug on file uploads).

We usually do not support the usage of MACs as "servers" for START. As long
as MAC OSX supports all the commands typical for a Unix machine (apache,
perl, tar, grep, ...) I think there should be no problem. As long as I know
MAC OSX should have most of the software available for Unix since the
freeBSD ports are available.

The main installation steps are available at the following URL:

In any case, we can give limited support for local installations on MACs
since we do not have any MAC with us. If you are not confident on the
installation, you can always opt for a hosted installation.

If you want to try a hosted version of START on your MAC, just send us a
mail and we will prepare a demo conference setup hosted on the softconf web